Opinion Leader Identification, Engagement And Development

We provide a bespoke profile of Opinion Leaders

The obvious start point for your opinion leader programs is the identification and profiling of the opinion leaders in your specific therapy area. Increasingly this may be at a national (market specific), European, or global level.

Insights in Healthcare provide a bespoke profile of opinion leaders to assist with your selection of speakers, investigators and advisors. Using our extensive database we can quickly identify those therapy leaders who you might wish to recruit as established experts in the field but we can also identify the emerging leaders for the future. Most importantly, we will actively identify leaders who are prepared to work with you and who will work to achieve mutually agreed objectives.

Our selection criteria can include:
  • Who can help to face up to problems and offers solutions?
  • Who is a contributing opinion leader?
  • Who produces good ideas?
  • Who helps to produce results and meets commitments?
Our approach and practices are fully compliant with Data Protection legislation and the requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice in relation to “Consultants” and “Advisers”

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